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Lobo Marino: We Hear The Ocean Vinyl LP


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“Tumbling drums and harmonium vibrate through your frontal lobe... a good one to meditate to and get revived.” -CMJ

A drone-folk duo from Richmond, VA, Lobo Marino’s natural curiosity and tour-honed craft shines on “We Hear The Ocean,” their fifth album.

Pressed on swirled, colored* vinyl, the artwork was designed by the band, screen-printed, and enhanced with hand-drawn highlights, woodblock prints, and custom stamps. It includes a lyric sheet printed on rice paper and a download code.
*vinyl colors distributed at random

This hand-numbered pressing is limited to 275 copies.

1. Palo Santo
2. Come With Me
3. Hari Om
4. Fellow Worn Traveler
5. Smoke and Rock
6. Though The Others Pass You
7. We Hear The Ocean, Lift Up The Mountain
8. Give Of Your Hands
9. Terminó